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About me and what I do

Mission Statement

Every person has the right and the ability to look good.

Whether you love clothes or couldn’t care less about them, common decency (and federal laws) say you have to wear something.  Whether you value clothes for their comfort, quality or price, you can always choose clothes that are stylish.

Brand names do not equal style.

Having style does not require spending lots of money.  Those with true style know how to look their personal best without exceeding their budget.

Being in style should improve your life, not complicate it.

Having the right clothes is key to having an organized life.  You will better understand your style, learn about your coloring and silhouette. You will be able to clear your closet and make a precise shopping list. After that, maintaining your wardrobe is easy! And with a working wardrobe, you will save money and time. You can project your best image at all times, no longer need to be constantly conscious of how you look, and be freed up to concentrate on your work or personal life.

Shopping should be fun, not frustrating.

My goal is to create a positive shopping experience for you.  I tailor my services to your needs, so that you will be able to design your unique image and express your creative self.

About Me

Galina Charni is a professional image consultant helping individuals and corporations project an image that expresses their individuality and meets their needs.  By paying close attention to her clients’ lifestyle, personal and professional needs, as well as coloring and silhouette, Galina can design a perfect-fitting image.  Galina can help you find your own style and your own working wardrobe.

Galina’s personal philosophy is that style is not just a talent for the select few, but a skill that, with the right guide, anyone can master.  With Galina’s help, clients will be able to skillfully navigate the fashion world, with all of its overenthusiastic sales assistants, endless brands, and seasonal fads.   For Galina and her clients, taste and style are not about adopting any and all fashion trends or only buying brand names. Real taste, real style is about projecting an image that is your personal best and allows you to feel confident in any situation.

Galina’s academic and professional background has given her an insider’s knowledge of the retail industry that she is eager to share with her clients.  She earned her Certificate in Image Consulting from the internationally recognized Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  She has practical experience in fashion styling from her work as a stylist in Kommersant Weekend (weekly magazine), Univerbyt magazine and a visual merchandiser at Lord and Taylor in Boston.  She is also a member of the prestigious Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).  As she teaches her clients, Galina strives to constantly gain new insights and continue learning about Styling, Merchandising, Retail Management and Image Consulting.

In addition to her fashion-specific background, Galina carries a degree equivalent to an MA in Philology and Education from Urals state Teacher’s Training University in Russia.  Galina also attended an MA program in Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Introductory Consultation

  • Do you wish that putting an outfit together for the day was as easy as tying your shoes?
  • Would you like your wardrobe to consist of more colors than just basic black, brown and gray?

Your Introductory Consultation will get you on the way to learning how to maximize your wardrobe and enhance your image with three simple analyses: Color, Body Type and Fashion Style.

With your first consultation, you will learn about your personal color palette and flattering fits for your body type. Working with the consultant, you will outline your personal goals and analyze your lifestyle in order to find your appropriate image.  Once that is determined, you can easily set clear shopping goals and priorities.

Time: 40 min to 1.5 hours (depending on your goals)

Wardrobe Planning

  • Is your closet filled with clothes that you just can’t seem to part with but will never wear again?
  • Do you want to spend less money, and get more combinations out of a smaller wardrobe?
  • Do you want the comfort of knowing that your wardrobe is complete and ready for any last minute event or occasion?

In a Wardrobe Planning session, the consultant will visit your home and organize your closet. Together, you will get rid of unflattering clothes and build new outfits out of your current wardrobe.  Such a process can give new life to clothes you thought you could not wear by finding compatible pieces or having them altered. The consultant will then help you to create a precise shopping list, which will save you time and money when you next go shopping. Wardrobe planning is a step toward building a functional wardrobe that will allow you to look appropriate at any occasion.

Personal Shopping

  • Do you want to have fun instead of spending hours going through numerous racks and piles of clothes in all the stores in your mall?
  • Are you tired of dealing with incompetent or aggressive sales associates?
  • Do you end up regretting pieces that you spend far too much money on, which only end up unused in your closet?

Whether you are looking for business clothes or a terrific outfit for a special occasion we will save you time and energy by pre-shopping for you or accompanying you on shopping trips.  With your help or alone, we will help you buy only functional and flattering clothes that will enhance your wardrobe.


1 to 1.5 hour Initial Consultation and 5 hours of Wardrobe Analysis and Planning

40 minutes Initial Consultation and 5 hours of Personal Shopping

5 hours of Personal Shopping for small groups (2 — 5 people)

Color, Body Type and Personal Style Analysis for small groups (2 – 5 people)

Gift certificates are available.

Why do I need a style consultant?

Style Consultant can help if any of the following is true (or any 3 of these relate to you):

—          Every morning I spend too much time trying to put together an outfit

—          I am constantly late to meetings and appointments because I don’t know what to wear

—          My wardrobe is full of clothes but I have nothing to wear

—          My closet is a mess and I cannot find anything when I need it

—          My wardrobe is mainly black and white, and all my experiments with color do not go beyond grey, brown and navy blue, and some crazy breakdowns as green or red lie useless somewhere on the bottom

—          I hate shopping

—          I spend too much money on clothes I will never wear

—          I still have some clothes with price tags that I bought a year ago

—          I delay shopping as long as I can, and then get a nervous breakdown running around looking for an outfit for the tomorrow’s event

—          I cannot deal with pushy and unprofessional sales associates

—          My boss gave me a gift card to a clothing store as my Christmas present (some of my clothes are so old that my colleagues/friends pitched in and bought me new clothes as my birthday present)

—          I always say; I don’t care how I look and what I wear

—          Shopping is my answer to depression

I love shopping I never seem to find the right thing